Fluxible News

CIGI Auditorium, with and empty stage and empty seats
Fluxible 2020 has been cancelled

We’re not happy to take this route, but the health of our community is of primary importance. Under the circumstances it’s the right thing to do.

Yvonne Gando presenting on stage at Fluxible 2018
Announcing Yvonne Gando for Fluxible 2020

We added Yvonne Gando to the Fluxible Conference program weeks ago. Yet somehow we managed to not announce at the time that she would be presenting at Fluxible in June.

A smiling Teresa Brazen stands in front of a whiteboard covered with sticky notes and writing
Program update: Teresa Brazen will not be at Fluxible Conference

Unfortunately, Teresa Brazen is no longer able to present at Fluxible Conference

Indi Young stands on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge
Fluxible speaker spotlight: Indi Young is coming to you with purpose

Indi Young coaches teams and individuals like "new voice" speaker Kunyi Mangalam. This year, she'll coach Fluxible attendees on the art of listening deeply and designing with purpose.

Kelly Goto standing in front of a wall
Fluxible speaker spotlight: How Kelly Goto is creating change

With a passion for helping people live better lives, Kelly Goto returns to Fluxible this year to speak about universal design and the industry's ability to make positive change.

Kunyi is riding a bike along a trail amidst trees
Fluxible speaker spotlight: Kunyi Mangalam

"New voice" Kunyi Mangalam is lending her expertise to Fluxible 2020! Get a sneak peak into why she loves her job, her relationship with alumnus speaker and mentor Indi Young, and her Fluxible talk.

Kunyi is riding a bike along a trail amidst trees
Announcing Kunyi Mangalam for Fluxible 2020

So here’s a twist that we’re excited to share. We’ve previously announced that Fluxible Conference 2020 program will feature all speaker alumni. To…

A smiling Teresa Brazen stands in front of a whiteboard covered with sticky notes and writing
Announcing Teresa Brazen for Fluxible 2020

Teresa Brazen knows as much about about learning and growth as anyone. As Managing Director of Cooper Professional Education (CPE), Teresa leads a team focused on delivering best-in-class learning programs that foster creative confidence, leadership skills, and a culture of innovation inside of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Kim Goodwin is standing beside a river wth trees in the background
Announcing Kim Goodwin for Fluxible 2020

Kim helps organizations build their design & product capabilities through coaching and organizational change management. And she’s returning to Fluxible!

Margaret Lee speaking in front of a screen
Announcing Margaret Lee for Fluxible 2020

Fluxible 2020 will be the ninth edition of what we now know as Canada’s UX Festival. And as previously announced, we’ve been reaching into our past t…

Kelly Goto standing in front of a wall
Announcing Kelly Goto for Fluxible 2020

As one might expect in an announcement for another Fluxible 2020 speaker, we’re delighted, excited, and even humbled to reveal that Kelly will be returning to Fluxible!

Meena Kothandaraman lies on the ground next to a poster
Announcing Meena Kothandaraman for Fluxible 2020

Meena Kothandaraman, in addition to her UX research expertise, is a proud Canadian and is absolutely fluent in poutine and beavertails 😊, and some other languages