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CIGI Auditorium, with an empty stage and empty seats
Fluxible is taking a break in 2022

We’ve taken the difficult decision that Fluxible will take a break for 2022. Thanks for all the support and friendship that the Fluxible UX community has shown over the last ten years. It’s truly appreciated. We’ll be back in 2023.

d2l team photo
Sponsor profile: D2L fosters a culture of learning

D2L has been a gold sponsor of Fluxible for several years. And this year they kept that tradition alive, sponsoring the 2021 edition of Fluxible TV.

An ION train passes the Zeitspace office
Why Zeitspace sponsors Fluxible

Fostering continuous learning and building a strong community are important to Zeitspace. Fluxible delivers on both of those goals.

Ren Navarro sitting at a table with a glass of beer
The Official Breweries of Fluxible 2021

In the past, back when Fluxible was held in the physical world and food and drink were a part of it, we would have an Official Brewery of Fluxible, c…

Sabrina standing in front of a red brick building
Announcing Sabrina Dorsainvil for Fluxible 2021

Meena and I have had multiple wonderful, wide-ranging conversations with Sabrina Dorsainvil over the last few weeks. We’re now please to announce that Sabrina Dorsainvil will be presenting at Fluxible 2021.

Adam Connor leaning against a van called The Mystery Machine
Announcing Adam Connor for Fluxible 2021

There's a wonderful sense of continuity and inevitability to being able to announce today that Adam Connor will be presenting at Fluxible in June

A picture of paper tickets
Fluxible 2021 tickets are now on sale

Early Bird Tickets are just $99. Your ticket gets you access to the whole week of Fluxible TV broadcasts.

Fluxible TV logo against a noisy TV background
Announcing the Fluxible TV 2021 schedule

We’ve been announcing speakers for Fluxible 2021, and are thrilled with the roster of fine people who will be sharing their expertise this year. And …

Anita Cheng working with sticky notes on a wall
Announcing Anita Cheng for Fluxible 2021

It’s a time of year filled with activity here at Fluxible headquarters. As we fill our program with speakers there are many logistical waypoints to n…

Hillary Hartley against a colourful backdrop
Announcing Hillary Hartley for Fluxible 2021

Think back to September of 2017. Hard as it may be to believe now, in those before times we would gather in person for Fluxible, enjoying each others…

An image of Cyd Harrrell facing to the left
Announcing Cyd Harrell for Fluxible 2021

Some people devote their careers to using tech for good. Cyd Harrel is one of these people, working to support good tech in the public sector

Andy Vitale and a Wall
Announcing Andy Vitale for Fluxible 2021

Past Fluxible speaker Andy Vitale will enlighten and delighten our community of UX people at Fluxible 2021