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chocolate bacon
Fluxible's Festival of Food

At Fluxible, the “F” word gets thrown about more often than you might expect. We focus on food as a facilitator for fostering friendships, fuel for f…

festival of interstitial music
Five things you (maybe) didn't know about Fluxible

Fluxible attracts UXers from across the country and beyond, gathering each year in Waterloo Region to share and inspire one another. But did you know…

Set of mugs that spell Fluxible
Starting a conversation with day two of Fluxible Education Summit

We’re proud to present the Fluxible Education Summit as a part of Canada’s UX Festival!

Set of mugs that spell Fluxible
Inspiring the next generation of UXers on day one of Fluxible Education Summit

Here’s a hands-on opportunity for local high school students to learn about UX as on day one of Fluxible Education Summit.

Carolyn MacGregor
Announcing Carolyn MacGregor for Fluxible 2019

Introvert by nature, situational extrovert by profession, Carolyn has put her love of people watching into practice with over 30 years of experience.

Binh Tam Le
Announcing Binh Tam Le for Fluxible 2019

Research isn't all fun and games. Actually, sometimes it is all fun and games.

Get connected with Fluxible Meetups
Get connected with Fluxible Meetups

Fluxible meetups are a great way to connect with others in the UX community, and they’re completely free to attend!

Darren on his cargo bike with two children, on a street filled with pedestrians.
Announcing Darren Kropf for Fluxible 2019

Darren Kropf is an Active Transportation Planning Project Manager for the City of Kitchener, with a focus on Complete Streets

Fluxible food & drink 101
Fluxible food & drink 101

Each year, attendees describe the food and drink at Fluxible as “outstanding”. So whether you’re a first-time attendee or (like me) start planning yo…

Fluxible Conference
Big news: More Fluxible for less money

We’re reducing prices on all remaining tickets for Fluxible Conference. Yes, you read that right!

Winner, winner, Fluxible dinners!
Winner, winner, Fluxible dinners!

Thinking ahead to those crisp Fall evenings? Want to extend your Fluxible experience by making some new connections? Sign up for a Fluxible dinner! W…

Five reasons to register for a Fluxible Workshop
Five reasons to register for a Fluxible Workshop

Exciting times at Fluxible! Workshop registration is now available and we have the top five reasons why you should sign up today. 1\. Tangible benef…