Way back in 2013, we had Konrad Sauer on the Fluxible Conference program, sharing with us the story of his journey from an art director in the world of advertising to becoming a designer and builder of woodworking hand planes and furniture.

For 2018 we’re delighted to continue the theme of interesting career transitions by welcoming Stephen Fitzgerald to the Fluxible family!

Stephen is a designer who has transitioned across multiple disciplines throughout his 20 year career. From print to apparel to web to broadcast, commercials, interactive, and entertainment. In 2014 he decided to put his experience to work for himself instead of outside clients, and Rodeo Adventure Labs was born. Now Stephen uses those very same skills to create and develop a cycling brand built around community, curiosity, and a genuine quest for creative adventure. And, as you can see, we clearly think that Stephen’s approach is one that will resonate with our very own Fluxible community.

Check out Steve’s Fluxible presentation and follow @Rodeo_Labs on Twitter.