Well, Fluxible TV has finished broadcasting, and the reviews are in. It was a great success!

Big thanks to our main speakers, who each delivered thoughtful insights during their presentations.

And thanks as well to the other alumni speakers to delivered wonderful pre-recorded segments for the broadcast. We’ll write more about them very soon.

And big thanks to our sponsors, whose ongoing support and enthusiasm is so crucial to delivering an event like this.

We’re reflecting on our first online event, and thinking about lessons learned that will inform Fluxible 2021, whether it’s in-person or online. But we'll be back next year.

Oh, and how do we know that Fluxible TV was a success? We sent out a survey to our attendees. Here are some of the comments we’ve received from them:

  • “It was a Zoom call that didn't feel like one -- it felt like a wonderfully balanced, evenly paced, sequence of stories/insights with nice interludes and cameos from the UX community. Loved the classic old timer television broadcast metaphor!”
  • “It's a great way to listen to experts talk about their ideas and approaches, and be able to use those ideas in your own projects.”
  • “Many conferences have interesting, insightful speakers and participants. But the energy of Fluxible is intimate, and sincere. It just feels different. It embodies the fun of thinking together, prompted by the presentations. (I guess the Slack channel helped that.)”
  • “It was a phenomenal, energizing, and well-run event that left me feeling recharged and satisfied!”
  • “A women-led panel of incredible minds in different sectors showing the power of UX in all aspects of life.”
  • “What stands out, though, was the range of content, yet their threads magically overlapped. I also really liked the resources that were posted that were related to the speaker. I hope your slack stays available as a resource.
  • “All of the speakers were equally provocative and informative. I especially enjoyed the way in which you separated each talk by shorter segments and unique musical entertainment.”
  • “Also want to mention that I sincerely appreciate the diversity of the ethnicity of speakers. It's not an easy task but Fluxible TV did a great job.”

See you all next year, and thanks again.