Surviving and thriving in an environment that’s not open to a designer’s perspective and skills can be tough. One of the things that we learned from Lola Oyelayo in her Fluxible 2019 presentationon that topic is that that she’s more than tough enough to take on such an environment and shine. The Fluxible stage is pretty much the opposite of such tough environment, for all kinds of obvious reasons! We’re delighted that Lola thinks so too, and that she’ll be presenting at Fluxible Conference again in 2020.

Lola has a history of operating at a strategic level, helping organizations to see the bigger picture and mitigate their “me too” tendencies. She helps define meaningful, impactful, and tangible product visions that teams can actually execute. An advocate for digital transformation, Lola is focused on how to create resilient environments for digital innovation — namely, high-performance design cultures.

Alongside working strategically with business leadership, Lola explores how design is changing with the emergence of complex technological domains such as machine learning and blockchain.

Although a self-confessed geek, Lola views UX and design work as a way of putting people ahead of technology. With a wealth of experience as a UX specialist both in-house and agency, she ensures user-centred research and design are at the centre of all her work.

Stay tuned for details of Lola’s talk, and follow her on Twitter where you can enjoy her thoughts on design, tech, and much more.