Fluxible is a non-profit event. To keep the cost of registration as low as possible for our 200 attendees, we’re looking for volunteers to help with planning, organizing, and running the 2-day event. Why should you get involved? Well, there are probably as many motivations for volunteering as there are volunteers in the world. But a few great reasons come to mind.

  • The feeling of pride you’ll get from helping to connect people from different communities around their shared interest in user experience.
  • The opportunity for personal growth that can occur through volunteering, whether it’s by honing a particular skill or by meeting fellow volunteers. Our own experiences as volunteer organizers of uxWaterloo (and other events such as Ignite Waterloo) have been tremendously rewarding both personally and professionally.
  • Lots of fun socializing! We'll enjoy plenty of get-togethers while planning Fluxible, to exchange ideas over food and drink. While not always required, joining in on these activities can be a lot of fun.
  • Recognition from your peers in the community. If you're looking to raise your profile, here's a great chance.
  • Free registration to Fluxible. Although more materialistic than idealistic, this is an entirely valid benefit of volunteering.

Interested? Have a look at the details on what we need and let us know if you want to help.