Robert Barlow-BuschMark Connolly

We’re Robert Barlow-Busch and Mark Connolly. Clearly we aren’t really brothers, but we do share this Fluxible thing and wanted to tell you more about it.

We both have spent many years in user experience and related fields. We’re also the co-champions of uxWaterloo, a long-standing group devoted to monthly meetings on topics relating to user experience. We love UX and have been thrilled to see interest grow rapidly not just here in Waterloo Region, but right across the globe. We’ve long wanted to take our interests further, though, and had given much thought to what we were looking for before diving into Fluxible.

Fluxible is a non-profit event with some very clear goals. First, we want to bring some of the world's most interesting and dynamic UX experts to Waterloo Region, to the benefit of our community. Second, we want to showcase our amazing region to the rest of the world, demonstrating the exciting things going on for people passionate about design and UX. Third, and perhaps most important, is that we want everyone involved with Fluxible to have FUN! We look forward to learning, laughing, and lingering with smart and engaging pople who love UX as much as we do.

We’re excited not just for the event itself, but for the coming months of preparations as we work to deliver on this vision. We hope you’ll join us!