2014 has long receded into the past, pushed aside by five subsequent years of events important and trivial. And yet it conjures fond memories of the third edition of Fluxible, one that included an exploration of emotional aspects of user experience by Kelly Goto. And, as one might expect in an announcement for another Fluxible 2020 speaker, we’re delighted, excited, and even humbled to reveal that Kelly will be returning to Fluxible!

As an evangelist for design ethnography, Kelly is dedicated to understanding how real people integrate products and services into their daily lives. Kelly is principal of gotoresearch LLC, which she began because of her belief in the power of Service Design to empower lives and fuel innovation. Over the last two decades she has focused her UX research and Ethnography towards this goal; working with clients such as Netflix, Citrix, Hyundai and Sony to meet the real needs of real people.

Her style and passion make her a popular keynote speaker, instructor and consultant on Applied Ethnography, Lean UX Processes and Emotional UX. Her book, Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow That Works, is a standard for user-centered design principles., is used in corporations and university curricula in 22 languages.

As a popular speaker, author and supporter of the 2.0 Aging movement, Kelly maintains a balance between keynotes and coffee, devices and disconnecting.