For today’s speaker announcement, we have someone who has helped craft the roadmap for user-centred technology solutions on mobile, wearables, and in augmented reality. We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Noble Ackerson at other events around the world, and are delighted finally to welcome him here at home on this year’s Fluxible program.

Noble currently serves as a product innovation senior manager at the National Democratic Institute in Washington D.C. He previously led augmented reality for the award-winning DC-based fitness startup LynxFit, as Product Owner and Co-founder. Noble is a Google Developer Expert for product strategy; a Google Certified Design Sprint Master; and a seasoned technical product lead delivering vision camera, web, and mobile technologies from abstract concepts to final products.

Noble sits on the Alumni Leadership Board of the online education startup Udacity. He also serves as privacy council chair for the Open AR Cloud; as a member of the Alumni Board at his alma mater, Lynchburg College; and as Publicity Chair for Ubicomp and ISWC, two top-tier conferences for the internet of things and wearable technology.

When not focused on product, Noble mentors under-represented and aspiring developers, speaks at technology events, and spends time with his daughters.

Stay tuned for details of Noble’s Fluxible presentation. Until then, follow him on Twitter at @nobleackerson.