If Kanye West watched Google I/O this month, he may have puzzled over Rachel Been's presence on stage. Because Rachel told him she's a cobbler. True story.

Rachel was at I/O not to discuss shoe mending, but rather to reveal her latest big project at Google: a major update to Material Design. More than a style refresh, this update includes a suite of tools and resources that has many designers and developers abuzz with excitement. If that's you, then prepare to ramp it up another notch — because this September, Rachel will grace the Fluxible stage to share her expertise on creating modern design systems.

Rachel is the Creative Director for the Material Design team at Google where she leads the design system for both Google and the greater developer/designer community. Rachel has additionally launched the imagery system for Google, served as the creative director of Emojis, and was the first Art Director on Google Play, redesigning the brand and introducing editorial design and original imagery to the store.

Prior to Google, Rachel was the Creative Director of Billboard.com where she redefined the iconic music publication through original photography, art direction, and design. And possibly shoe mending, though we didn't actually overhear her exchange with Kanye.

Stay tuned for details of Rachel's talk at Fluxible. In the meantime, follow @rachelbeen on Twitter and start collecting footwear questions for later.