In September of 2017, in the midst of final preparations for Fluxible 2017, I attended the Google Developer Experts Summit in Kraków, Poland. The conference was held at an unexpected venue, the Polish Aviation Museum, which has an amazing collection of aircraft on display. It was a delight to take a break from the program of speakers to explore the collection, much of it displayed outdoors.

But the more relevant delight in the context of Fluxible is that I got to see Yvonne Gando deliver a presentation on UX Writing. Yvonne’s enthusiasm and knowledge made her a natural fit for our own conference.

Yvonne is a Bay Area, California native and a poet at heart. After teaching poetry & Asian American studies, her path eventually led to tech startups, agency work, and leading in-house writing teams for big box retailers in San Francisco.

Now at Google, she’s currently leading UX writing and immersive storytelling on AR & VR experiences. She has launched various social apps within Google, including Allo, Duo, Google+ and Hangouts.

Yvonne is also an avid runner, a superfan of crunchy things, and a proud mama & wife.

Stay tuned for details of Yvonne’s Fluxible presentation.