This year we took a new approach and opened Fluxible registration without announcing our speaker lineup. With just a few days to go before Leap of Faith registration closes, we are excited to begin announcing the amazing speakers you'll get to meet this September.

If you find LiAnne Yu snooping in your closet or peeking through your front window, don’t worry — she’s just working. LiAnne’s third grade teacher explained that anthropologists get to travel, poke their noses into everything, and listen to grannies gossip on the front porch, which inspired her to earn a PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego.

She may not listen to grannies gossiping all day (aside from that time she researched Chinese senior citizens hanging out at Ikea), but LiAnne does use her anthropology superpowers in many ways. As a consumer experience strategist, she designs ethnographic immersions for corporate clients. This work has taken her from the seedy underworld of Snapchat-obsessed teens to fishermen living on the Louisiana bayou.

LiAnne explores the diversity of human culture through a wide range of interests. She’s the author of Consumption in China, published by Polity Press, and China – The Emerging Consumer Power, published by Routledge. She writes about clean energy initiatives and Startup Paradise for Hawaii Business Magazine and indulges her fantasy of being a travel writer with AFAR.  LiAnne also hosts Out Of My Own Bubble, a podcast about a blue state girl’s adventures in deep red communities — the result of LiAnne using her anthropological training to understand the outcome of the recent US election.

Stay tuned for details of LiAnne’s session at Fluxible. In the meantime, follow her on Twitter and say hello!