It’s always a delight when we run across someone whose UX mission goes beyond merely improving experiences, and aims to improve people’s lives. How’s that for motivation? We were inspired just talking with Katy Mogal and decided she just had to come to Fluxible. She’ll give us all much to think about!

Katy is a long-time observer of the human condition, who figured out how to turn curiosity (some might say “nosiness”) into a vocation. And speaking of running across someone, Katy leads a team of anthropologists, design strategists and behavioral scientists at Fitbit. Together, they explore user behaviors, needs and desires to inform the development of hardware and software experiences that help people live healthier, more active lives. Katy also helps germinate the next generation of design researchers through adjunct faculty positions at CCA and Stanford.

We’re excited that Katy will be with us in September.

Stay tuned for details of Katy’s session at Fluxible.