Aaron Irizarry

Head of Experience Infrastructure at Capital One

Those of you with long memories and an appreciation of the rich history of past Fluxible events will recognize the name Aaron Irizarry even if you have no recollection of his presentation. That’s because he was scheduled to present at Fluxible 2016, but had to withdraw. Last year’s loss is this year’s gain, though.

Aaron "Ron" Irizarry is the Head of Experience Infrastructure at Capital One and co-author of Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration Through Critique. He has been building online products for startups and large corporations for over 15 years. It's also important to know that Aaron is a life-long Dodgers fan and heavy metal enthusiast.

As he did last year, Aaron has provided us with about as spartan a bio as one could imagine, meaning that sentences such as this one have been added in order to bulk it up. But that’s alright — we’re confident that he’s saving his best thoughts for his presentation!

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