15-minute presentation with Sam Estoesta

Cards & Couplets: The Symmetry of Wireframing Websites and Writing Poetry

11:25am – 11:40am Saturday 22 Sep 2018CIGI

How Wireframing\ Be it websites or poems\ Follow the same rules.

HTML is\ Just one way to create art\ Much like poetry.

15 minutes to\ Bridge gap between art and tech,\ Harmony abounds.

About Sam Estoesta
Outreach Operations Manager at TD Innovation Lab

Samantha is a #WomenInSTEM advocate, multi-published poet and professional communicator across multiple communication modes

She has a couple pieces of paper worth $150K from the University of Waterloo, University of Alberta and Royal Roads

Discourse, identity, diversity, inclusion, and arts-based inquiry

Along with digital design, community engagement, and social media strategy

Are subject matters that, over ten years, she’s made serious inroads.

Currently, Samantha works at TD Lab, one of TD Bank’s innovation spaces

Having marginalized populations represented in her work is a goal she chases

Outside of work, she’s often taking advantage of her excuse to eat for two

One of the most delicious things that pregnant people get to do

You know, life’s simple graces.