40-minute presentation with Daniel Perlin

Listen Closely

9:45am – 10:25am Sunday 24 Sep 2017CIGI

How do we listen? Why? When? To Whom? What do we listen to? What listens to us? How can we listen better? Should we listen? What do drones listen to? What does AI listen to? What do we hear when we listen to data? Does data speak? What is social listening? What are the politics of listening? How do we change our listening? How can we get others to listen better, more, to each other? Can we listen to make good? By looking at a few recent projects, Experience Designer Daniel Perlin will take a look at some approaches to designing for listening to users and designing to help users listen to each other.

About Daniel Perlin
Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design

Daniel designs experiences by listening closely to users. He got his start in design by making things with sound such as music, film, objects, and spaces. After a few years based in Rio de Janeiro, Daniel made his way back to New York where he attended NYU’s ITP program and the Whitney Independent Study program. Once back, he ran his own studio, which produced a wide range of work with an emphasis on experiential and sound design.

Daniel has had the privilege of designing with diverse groups of people, places, and things. Recent clients include Google, IBM, Under Armour, Vito Acconci, Maya Lin, Errol Morris, Todd Solondz, Chase, the Cooper Hewitt Museum, and Domus magazine. After his recent work as the director of user experience design at Droga5 in New York, Daniel is now the founder of a startup for climate change. When he isn’t designing, he likes to ride his bicycle.