40-minute presentation

Evocative Experiences: Where Food & UX Co-Mingle

4:25pm – 5:05pm Saturday 23 Sep 2017CIGI

Whether it’s enjoying a special meal with friends, or using that favorite mobile app to get the job done elegantly, effective experiences should be soulful. Experiences that evoke indulgent memories and often create new ones for the future. Towards that end, context greatly matters. What about where you physically are at that very moment in time, as you gently dance with either of these experiences — does that matter? Indeed, place matters. Place and context combine to serve as powerful elements that evoke deeply emotional and soulful connections to the world around us. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the design and execution of food that is inherently local, sustainable, and earthly. In this presentation, Patañjali will explore the design of a food experience through the lens of user experience.