40-minute presentation with Kai Haley

The Typology of Design Sprints

9:00am – 9:40am EST Sunday 25 Sep 2016

Design Sprints, developed and battle tested at Google, are a collaboration and innovation process to answer critical business questions, ensuring that you are building the right thing for your customers. This process can be applied to many different needs, from generating a vision for a new product, or redesigning a specific feature or flow for an existing product, to improving a process or defining a brand.

In this talk, Kai gives a high level overview of the Sprint process. She then explores different types of Sprints to help you understand the various ways they can be crafted to meet a team’s goals.

About Kai Haley
UX Designer and Design Advocate at Google

Give Kai Haley any problem to solve — no matter how tough — and she'll crack it in five days or less. Need to design the core workflow for a new product? Schedule a conference call across three time zones? Done and done.

Kai is a UX designer at Google, where she leads the Design Relations team. But that's not all! She developed her superhero problem-solving powers as one of the lead trainers for Google's Sprint Master Academy and has spent the last two years training over 200 Sprint Masters across the company's diverse product areas. She is passionate about design thinking and about inspiring the UX community to effectively use design sprints for speed and innovation.

Kai's UX expertise has been centered on creating monetization opportunities, most recently on the Search Ads Team and prior to Google on the Yahoo! Front Page. She earned a Masters Degree in Design from CCA, where she focused on sustainable design.