40-minute presentation with Stephen Anderson

Sweating the UX Details

1:15pm – 1:55pm Sunday 27 Sep 2015Communitech Hub

We all enjoy well-designed, well-crafted experiences, but all too often our development processes (Agile, Lean) and organizational cultures seem to pit deadlines and quick iterations against a thoughtful attention to details. Sacrificing quality on the altar of quick is a dangerous mistake, especially as the bar for “good enough” continues to rise in 2015.

We see an ever increasing attention to detail, specifically when it comes to the careful use of animation, typography, communications with customers, and creating all-around frictionless experiences. This attention to detail isn’t limited to Apple anymore. Instead, we’re seeing this across industries — companies like Uber, Square, Virgin, and Nest are sweating the details to dominate their competition through design.

So, what does it take for a company to consistently deliver great customer experiences? And what exactly does it mean to be a “design-driven” company?

Stephen will share his experiences, both as a consultant and now as part of an executive team, trying to balance the needs of the business with needs of the customer. He’ll share the tools and processes he uses to reconcile “getting it done” with “getting it done right,” showing how you can create a culture that values both shipping and quality experiences. He’ll explore what craftsmanship looks like for (mostly) digital experiences, with numerous examples of companies and products that are raising the bar for UX professionals.

About Stephen Anderson
Chief Experience Officer at BloomBoard

Stephen P. Anderson is an internationally recognized speaker and consultant based out of Dallas, Texas. He created the Mental Notes card deck, a tool that’s widely used by product teams to apply psychology to interaction design. He’s also the author of Seductive Interaction Design, which answers questions like “How do we get people to fall in love with our applications?” and “What makes a deck of cards so damn exciting?”

Prior to venturing out on his own, Stephen spent more than a decade building and leading teams of information architects, interaction designers and UI developers. He’s designed Web applications for numerous technology startups as well as corporate clients such as Nokia, Frito-Lay, Sabre Travel Network, and ChesapeakeEnergy. His little off-time was devoted to exploring the relationship between playing cards and trading cards. And designing cards too, clearly.

Between public speaking and project work, Stephen offers workshops and training to help organizations manage creative teams, create interactive visualizations, and design better customer experiences.