40-minute presentation with Teresa Brazen

Make Culture, Not War: The Secret of Great Teams & Organizations

9:45am – 10:30am Saturday 14 Sep 2013

“We’re way off schedule. Everyone is disengaged. No one is on board with the vision.” Sound familiar? What if you could create great products and services without all that drama? What if there was a secret to stellar team dynamics?

From “Ship It Days” to immersive onboarding programs, in this lively talk you will learn about curious, compelling ways that people from every role within organizations are creating inspired cultures. Drawing from her experience as a team member, team leader, and team facilitator, Teresa Brazen will discuss what constitutes a “healthy” culture, how culture impacts design teams and what they create together, and tools and techniques for fostering environments we all want to work in. Along the way, you’ll discover how uniquely well-suited designers are to creating culture change if we adapt the methodologies already in our arsenal.

If you lead a team, want to lead, work remotely, build stuff, wrangle people daily, or just want to hear about invaluable techniques for cultivating inspired team culture, don’t miss this talk!

About Teresa Brazen

Teresa is Design Education Strategist for Cooper. If you're unfamiliar with Cooper — we're thrilled you finally got rescued from that desert island!

In her role as Design Education Strategist, Teresa inspires curriculum, teaches, and builds community by pulling from her experience across a range of disciplines including film, design, and journalism. She's passionate about evangelizing and creating healthy, inspired culture within projects, teams, and organizations. The thoughtful design of these "environments" (both physical and figurative) results in work that is co-created, co-owned, creatively charged, and loved by more than just hipsters.

In addition to her work at Cooper, Teresa continues her pursuits as an artist. Through short films and artwork, she explores how people manage experiences like love, secrecy, and judgment. In her podcast series, she interviews people at the edges of industry and culture. Teresa is obsessed with uncovering what makes people tick (you have been warned!) and exposing our shared humanity... in service of fostering a bit more empathy in the world.