40-minute presentation with Diana Wiffen

Exceptional Experiences by Design: How to Craft a Winning Digital Experience Strategy

9:45am – 10:25am Sunday 15 Sep 2013

When it comes to the evolution of product categories, history has a habit of repeating itself. Early in the lifecycle of a product category, companies compete on the basis of features and functional benefits. Then, as competition increases and the category matures, competing products approach a state of parity as the rate of true feature innovation largely flatlines. At this point, the category pivots and it’s no longer about products in isolation. It’s about how people interact with products. In other words, it’s the experience that matters.

In mature markets, company success requires a new way of thinking that recognizes that great experiences distinguish great products and, ultimately, create highly desirable brands. The challenge is to develop a strategy centered on delighting customers and making a meaningful connection with them.

In this presentation, Diana will share how Quarry's UX team crafts winning digital experience strategies for their clients. She’ll discuss what outcomes an exceptional experience should achieve and how to work toward those outcomes by adhering to three foundational design principles. From there, she’ll describe a few projective tools and techniques that we can all apply in our own design work, as we strive to build exceptional experiences for our own clients or organizations.

About Diana Wiffen
Work at Quarry Integrated Communications
Diana Wiffen

At Fluxible 2012, attendee Diana had the unique experience of watching from the audience in surprise as her brother, saxophonist David Wiffen, strode onto the stage and delivered a bracing performance during the Festival of Interstitial Music. At Fluxible 2013, she'll be speaking as well as listening!

Just over 12 years ago, Diana helped establish the user experience team at Quarry Integrated Communications. Today, she’s the practice lead, overseeing work for clients as diverse as John Deere, FedEx, Novartis and BlackBerry. During her career at Quarry, she’s developed formidable — yes, formidable — expertise in UX design and strategy, interaction design, usability, information visualization, and personas. All of which is a long way from her roots in technical communication.

Diana has developed a unique approach of conducting "structured conversations" with end users that serve as a means to understanding their goals and motivations, then translating that insight into compelling experiences that fit seamlessly into their world. Translated from Canadian, this means “helps people just get along well with the digital tools they use.” Accessible and athletic, Diana likes to swing long objects at high speeds.

(Tip: when you meet her, ask about her golf or tennis game, but avoid discussing softball at all costs.)