40-minute presentation with Dan Gärdenfors

Inventing the future of public computing surfaces

2:45pm – 3:25pm Sunday 23 Sep 2012Communitech Hub

In this age of mobile computing, people carry around different types of screens for their own personal use. As prices continue to drop, however, we'll become surrounded by increasing numbers of interactive public screens. While these screens often will simply push information and ads, they could serve far more useful purposes by allowing us to borrow them temporarily for our own needs.

At Fluxible, we'll take a look at this potential “public computing” future. What types of new experiences can we both expect and imagine — and what challenges will we face along the way?

As the number of screens around us grows, the way information is designed will need to change. With each individual screen trying to grab our attention, we might respond by learning to ignore them to avoid information overload. To counter this possibility, could we imagine new and complex screen arrangements that act to our advantage by addressing real and immediate needs? This desire to find new communication strategies in a future attention economy is both a challenge and a great opportunity for designers. We need to start thinking beyond individual screens right now, if we want to invent for this inevitable future.

Designing multi-screen experiences that support personal, mobile, and public computing will require new skills and methods. When imagining future user experiences, it's essential to explore many ideas quickly and inexpensively. The RIM design team has a vast experience in sketching, low- to hi-fi prototyping, film making and storytelling that we apply to UX design, where each concept might require a new approach for communicating within a given project’s available time and budget. At Fluxible, we'll share insights into how we've chosen these methods, through stories about some of our more successful concepts that have spread their visions of the future globally.

About Dan Gärdenfors
Senior Concept Designer at RIM
Dan Gärdenfors

Fluxible says: Dan Gärdenfors, the latest addition to our star-studded lineup, is a wizard. Don't let the lack of a pointy hat fool you. Hailing from Sweden and comfortably seated on the bleeding edge of innovation, Dan makes the magic happen. From 3D graphical interfaces and augmented reality to February's impressive Confetti demo, he has his fingers in many pies and they all taste like the future. We hear he's not bad at rock climbing too.

Dan is a Senior Concept Designer at RIM (formerly The Astonishing Tribe) in Sweden. He spends his time inventing, designing, and communicating futuristic user interfaces. With a Master of Arts combining Musicology and Computer Science, it's clear that thinking outside the box is his natural state of mind. Dan is a strong believer in collective intelligence, and enjoys hanging out with his amazing designer and developer colleagues.