40-minute presentation with Matthew Milan

Creating a 21st Century Design Studio

2:15pm – 2:55pm Saturday 22 Sep 2012Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

Presented by: Founding Partner at Normative

The studio has been the dominant environment for design practice over the last century. As design practice has evolved to include new technologies and ways of working, so has the studio environment. How do you run a studio when the products are digital? How does the physical environment impact the way people work? In this session we'll discuss the history of the studio and design practice, what makes a great studio, and how to create a vibrant environment for interaction design practice in small and large companies using examples from our own practice as well as from others.

About Matthew Milan
Founding Partner at Normative
Matthew Milan

Fluxible says: The reason Fluxible is taking place in September is because it's a season when Matthew can't be out on the slopes. Well, not quite, but with his entrepreneurial background, teaching experience, and design chops for a wide range of industries, we guarantee his talk will be riveting... as long as no one brings up Skyrim and distracts him.

Matthew is a founding partner at Normative, a strategic design firm in Toronto, Canada. A leader in the fields of customer experience and digital strategy, Matthew has built and led large design and strategy teams, slept under his desk at successful startups and done most of the things he’s been told he couldn’t do.

His work ranges from developing digital innovation strategies for global financial services firms to building mobile location-based gaming platforms. A regular speaker at conferences in the fields of interaction design and digital strategy, Matthew is passionate about the impact of networked technologies on the physical world.