Team Fluxible 2016

Running an event like Fluxible takes tons of time and effort, so we want to make sure you know who’s working behind the scenes to make it happen. Everyone on Team Fluxible contributes across a wide range of activities, far more than what’s mentioned below. But we want to acknowledge the areas in which our fine folks have taken the lead — so you know whom to thank for a job well done.

Mark Connolly

As co-chair, Mark helps to set the vision, craft the program, and design the overall conference experience. He’ll also personally sample each beer to ensure it’s up to his standards, so keep a close eye on your glass.

Robert Barlow-Busch

As co-chair, Bob helps to set the vision, craft the program, and design the overall conference experience. He’ll also personally test the espresso machine at 30-minute intervals to ensure it’s pulling consistent shots.

Jim Bousquet
Speaker Wrangler

It wouldn’t be much of a conference without spectacular speakers. Jim’s job is to help our speakers have an absolutely awesome time, so they’re pumped and raring to go when they hit the stage. He’ll make sure they know where to be and when, plus he takes care of our visiting friends by arranging transportation, welcomes, and accommodation. Jim’s the host with the most!

Lisa Barlow-Busch
Food Wrangler

While speakers feed our minds with big ideas, Lisa feeds our bellies with some pretty spectacular goodies. Food’s a big deal at Fluxible, and Lisa approaches the task as if the conference itself is just an afterthought, an excuse to lay out a good spread — even if you don’t eat shrimp on Saturdays, hate broccolli, and prefer your milk straight from the goat.

Katie Cerar
Venue and Volunteer Wrangler

Katie’s on top of where the magic will happen. She ensures all the details around our conference facilities are taken care of by coordinating with our service providers and orchestrating our team of onsite volunteers. During setup, she’ll make sure this goes over here and that goes over there. No, not there: just a little to the right. And… perfect.

Hans Kao
Meetups Co-Wrangler

Hans is here to make sure everyone has a great time at Fluxible Meetups. He’s kept hopping by coordinating with speakers, preparing venues, managing RSVPs, even cleaning tables and posting washroom signs. Hans takes care of all the details so you don’t have to. Just show up and have a blast.

Sandra Loop
Party Wrangler

After a day of filling our brains with professional goodness, it’s time to let loose and have some fun. Sandra’s cooking up plans for our Saturday night bash, which kicks off right after our final afternoon session. Arranging the details of such an event is rather like herding cats — but if that’s one of the activities on tap for the party, Sandra’s not telling yet.

Davis Neable
Sponsor Wrangler

We love to love our sponsors, and Davis is heading up that cause. She is our sponsors’ go-to person for all things Fluxible, from schedules to setup to support. They have a question, she’s got an answer; they have a request, she makes it happen. She’s seriously considering changing her middle name to Sponsors.

Susan Simon Daniels
Meetups Co-Wrangler

Susie makes sure our week-long UX festival is packed with great meetups. Wherever and whenever there’s a brown-bag lunch, intriguing site visit, or enlightening workshop, Susie will be on hand to contribute to the adventure, point out the recycling bins, and remind you of the next awesome event awaiting you.

Curtis VanderGriendt
Book Wrangler

Fluxible’s opportunities to learn and grow don’t stop with speakers and workshops. We have books, too! This is entirely thanks to Curtis, who runs the Fluxible bookstore to make sure you can take home deep thoughts from our speakers, alumni, and other great UX authors. Think of him as your friendly Fluxible librarian.