September 13-14, 2014 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Registration now open! Join us September 13-14, 2014 at the user experience party disguised as a conference.


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  • Video: Diana Wiffen on How to Craft a Winning Digital Experience Strategy

    Is it enough to design a “good” experience for customers? Will a “good” experience hit that sweet spot where customers achieve their goals while your business differentiates itself in the market? At Fluxible 2013, Diana Wiffen said no. Good simply isn’t good enough. In this video of her talk, Diana draws on examples from her […]

  • Speaker announcement: Brent Bisaillion

    Brent Bisaillion

    Sometimes, we don’t get much in the way of a bio from our speakers. Such is the case with Brent Bisaillion, and we’ll have to engage in a certain amount of hand-waving to provide more details. Of course, hand-waving often is a bad thing as it indicates a lack knowledge about the subject. In this case, though, it’s kind of […]

  • Video: Larry Cornett on “Designing for Love and Money”

    In this video from Fluxible 2013, Larry Cornett of Brilliant Forge dishes out solid advice on shaping our careers. You’ve undoubtedly felt that tension between designing a product you love while addressing the needs of a business to make money. That same tension sometimes surfaces personally, perhaps as a choice between doing something we love […]


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  • “Excellent quality speakers and presentations. My brain exploded with ideas!”

  • “Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and approachable presenters.”

  • “There was a cheeky, ironic, playful quality to the event.”

  • “I met lots of new people and was inspired, re-fueled, and feel professionally rejuvenated.”

  • “The conference was really well run. Great food, great locations, great musical interludes!”

  • “I loved the small, casual feel. It definitely made it feel more like a community.”