September 19–25, 2016 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Fluxible is Canada's user experience festival. Join us in Kitchener-Waterloo for a range of events such as meetups, workshops, and of course the 2-day conference we've all come to love. Join our spam-free mailing list to stay tuned for details of the 2016 program!


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  • Announcing Pamela Pavliscakat Fluxible 2016

    Sometime, incongruous pairings lead to intriguing possibilities. Clearly data and emotions aren’t obvious bedfellows — a notion that was explored to varying degrees of dramatic and comedic effect on multiple Star Trek episodes over the decades. Clearly the intriguing possibilities are many and deep, and we’re as pleased as we can be that those possibilities […]

  • Announcing Ian McDonald at Fluxible 2016

    Ian McDonald

    Canadian banks — it’s hard to imagine a more staid, conservative, and even dull part of the economy. That’s the stereotype, at least. Yet pockets of innovative thinking pervade the sector, revealing new approaches to the business of financial services. And one of those pockets is right here in Waterloo Region, led by Ian McDonald. Ian is […]

  • Announcing Karl Kessler at Fluxible 2016

    Karl Kessler

    True to form, Karl Kessler cut math classes at the Bronx High School of Science to “audit” a friend’s photography class, and despite his poor judgement and uninvited presence, Karl’s loitering was accepted by the indulgent teacher. Soon he had bought a camera and financed a basement darkroom, his preferred living environment ever since. In the […]


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  • “Excellent quality speakers and presentations. My brain exploded with ideas!”

  • “Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and approachable presenters.”

  • “There was a cheeky, ironic, playful quality to the event.”

  • “I met lots of new people and was inspired, re-fueled, and feel professionally rejuvenated.”

  • “The conference was really well run. Great food, great locations, great musical interludes!”

  • “I loved the small, casual feel. It definitely made it feel more like a community.”


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