September 19–25, 2016 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Fluxible is Canada's user experience festival. Join us in Kitchener-Waterloo for a range of events such as meetups, workshops, and of course the 2-day conference we've all come to love. Join our spam-free mailing list to stay tuned for details of the 2016 program!


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  • Announcing Noriko Maeda at Fluxible 2016

    Close followers of our programming over the years know that we have a love of presentations that, while not obviously UX-related, reveal themselves to be intriguingly relevant to what we do. We’re delighted to announce that Fluxible 2016 will feature Noriko Maeda, a Japanese contemporary calligrapher whose deft brushwork is a continuation of thousands of year […]

  • Announcing Alaine Mackenzie at Fluxible 2016

    Alaine Mackenzie

    Alaine Mackenzie comes to us from Shopify headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, where she’s the product content strategy lead. In her spare time, she tries to explain this newfangled job to her grandparents, who still think she’s a secretary. Alaine is building a team of writers, strategists, and information architects to make commerce better for everyone (and yes, […]

  • Announcing Kai Haley at Fluxible 2016

    Give Kai Haley any problem to solve — no matter how tough — and she’ll crack it in five days or less. Need to design the core workflow for a new product? Schedule a conference call across three time zones? Done and done. Kai is a UX designer at Google, where she leads the Design Relations […]


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  • “Excellent quality speakers and presentations. My brain exploded with ideas!”

  • “Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and approachable presenters.”

  • “There was a cheeky, ironic, playful quality to the event.”

  • “I met lots of new people and was inspired, re-fueled, and feel professionally rejuvenated.”

  • “The conference was really well run. Great food, great locations, great musical interludes!”

  • “I loved the small, casual feel. It definitely made it feel more like a community.”


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