Fluxible Meetups 2016

Registration for Meetups is independent from the Fluxible Conference and Fluxible Workshops.
23 Sept 2016
19 Sept 2016
22 Sept 2016
20 Sept 2016
21 Sept 2016

Breakfast with Peter Merholz: UX and Product Success

Peter Merholz looks at why "experience" is the key to product success, and why standard product management practice isn't enough.

This partner event is organized by our friends at Communitech.

Brown Bag Lunch: Magic in the Overlaps

Lindsay Ellerby of Normative talks about the firm’s systems approach to design.

Fluxible Dinners

Make some new connections over food and UX conversation at local restaurants.

Brown Bag Lunch: Why the Best Designers Will Want to Work for You

Join Kristina McDougall, founder of Artemis Canada, who will lead a discussion about what attracts top design professionals to your company. Bring your lunch, questions to ask, and stories to share.

Site Visit: Design at D2L

Find out how the design team at D2L is building the future of online teaching and learning.

Hacking Health Waterloo: Scenarios on the Future of Healthcare

Patrick Glinski shares a series of speculative scenarios on the future of healthcare.

This partner event is organized by our friends at Hacking Health Waterloo.

DesignChats Breakfast with Calvin Chu of Palette

Get hands-on with hardware from Palette and enjoy Q&A with CEO Calvin Chu.

This partner event is organized by our friends at DesignChats KW.

Brown Bag Lunch: Longitudinal User Research

Learn about conducting user research studies that unfold over long periods of time.

Concert: Stealth

Stealth is a musical duo whose members each have performed in a variety of contexts, making wonderful music wherever they go.

Site Visit: Product design at MUSIC

Robert Rinaldi and his team at MUSIC will take you on a journey through their UX product design process with an inside and exclusive look at a few of the new products scheduled for release in 2017.

UX Book Club: Designing for Happiness

Discuss her new book Designing for Happiness with Fluxible speaker Pamela Pavliscak.

This partner event is organized by our friends at UX Book Club KW

Brown Bag Lunch: Product Management + UX

Bring your lunch to a lively discussion about the intersection points between PM and UX.

Site Visit: Design at TD 55 Technology Centre

The TD Lab design team will walk us through the journey of bringing their Family Allowance app to life.

Girl Geek Dinners: Chat Bots

Learn all about chat bots from Boltmade UX designer Katie Cerar.

This partner event is organized by our friends at Girl Geek Dinners Waterloo Region.

Site Visit: Design Sprints at Google

Watch a live stream of Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky, authors of "Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days" speaking about design sprints.

Brown Bag Lunch: Art, Technology, and User Experience in the Arts

Join artist and composer David Jensenius for a brownbag lunch about art, technology, and user experience in the arts.

Site Visit: Design at Shopify Plus

Join us at Shopify Plus as we take you through their design process in a hands-on workshop where you’ll learn the basics of how they GSD.