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UX Discovery SessionGerard Dolan is a man close to our hearts. Why? He created the UX Discovery Session podcast and has been sharing information on a range of UX-related topics for a year now. Amongst the podcast episodes that he has created are interviews with Fluxible 2014 speakers Giles Colborne, Donna Lichaw, Kendra Shimmel, and Alex Tam, as well as many other interesting folks.

We asked Gerard to tell us about his work on the podcast. He tells us that

It’s an extension of a practice I got into several years ago where I would have coffee once a week with someone I did not know very well, or at all. Its an incredible way to throw yourself out there, and challenge yourself to learn new things or gain a greater understanding of certain topics.

The first interviews were done in August of 2013, and since then Gerard has amassed close to 40 interviews, with more coming.

In line with his notion that there’s always more to learn, Gerard has made the most of the podcast.

I can honestly say that I’ve walked away from every episode having learned something new, either about the person or the topics discussed. The answers to my final Blue Sky question (What would you like to be doing if money and time were not a concern?) has produced some unique human moments. Everything from the interviewee making recordings of stories told by his grandparents for this children, to wanting to be a stilton cheese dairy farmer to plotting to kill passwords. Great insight to the person behind the work.

And it’s not just Gerard that’s getting something out of it. Listeners around the world are too.

The Podcast is currently tracking at 700+ downloads a month, with listeners from across the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Holland, Philippines, UK, & the USA.

Be sure to set aside some time check out all the podcasts. In particular, we’d like to draw your attention to these past and current Fluxible speakers:

Update! Here are three more Fluxible 2014 speakers whose interviews you need to check out.

And, finally, you can hear Mark and Bob talking with Gerard about Fluxible in 2013, and earlier this summer.

Big thanks to Gerard for taking on such a wonderful project. This is how community is created and sustained!


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