Uday Gajendar

Principal UX Consultant

Uday Gajendar is a design leader focused on new product innovation & guiding start-ups on UX fundamentals. Uday has 15 years of versatile expertise via CloudPhysics, Citrix, Netflix, Adobe, frog design and others, spanning web to mobile and consumer to enterprise. A word of warning on that last point: if you believe designing enterprise software is B-O-R-I-N-G, watch what you say around Uday. As co-founder of the Enterprise UX conference, Uday will give you some good ol' fashioned schooling on how enterprise settings offer some of today's best opportunities to practice great design.

Speaking of schooling, it's not uncommon to find Uday prowling the hallways of academia outside his day job as a design consultant. He has taught interaction design at San Jose State and served as a Stanford d.school executive coach. Recently, Uday has given guest lectures at Carnegie Mellon, Notre Dame, and California College of the Arts (CCA). He also writes regularly for ACM Interactions and has spoken worldwide on design issues at SXSW, UX Australia, IxDA, and other events.

Be sure to check out Uday's thoughts on design at his blog, Ghost in the Pixel.

Sessions with Uday Gajendar

Sunday 25 Sep 2016
2:15pm – 2:55pm

Uday Gajendar