Ian McDonald

AVP at TD Lab & Enterprise Innovation

Canadian banks — it’s hard to imagine a more staid, conservative, and even dull part of the economy. That’s the stereotype, at least. Yet pockets of innovative thinking pervade the sector, revealing new approaches to the business of financial services. And one of those pockets is right here in Waterloo Region, led by Ian McDonald.

Ian is a reformed product manager. He can talk about business strategy and P&L (he’s also a CPA) — but he’d rather talk about BIG ideas, transformative technologies and market forces, and creating remarkable customer experiences that solve real problems. Ian works with talented teams of designers and developers at TD Lab to explore new solutions and emerging tech, and collaborate with startups and other partners. He’s also responsible for innovation programs at TD, which means he helps people learn and create learning systems.

In the past Ian has worked at Aeryon Labs, BlackBerry, Hyundai Auto Canada, and Sandvine — with international experience designing and commercializing new solutions, building commercial alliances, developing new markets, and growing companies.

Be sure to talk with Ian about big ideas. And please don’t rile him up with questions about business strategy and P&L!

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Ian McDonald