Carol Smith

Senior Design Manager, IBM Watson

Intelligence. Whether it's natural and the product of hard work and learning, or artificial and also the product of hard work and learning, it’s an admirable and inspiring trait. Or maybe it’s intimidating and worrying? Or maybe it’s all those things and more? We’re pretty sure that if anyone knows the answer, it’s Carol Smith, who we're proud to announce is joining us at Fluxible 2017!

Carol is a business-minded user experience designer who challenges teams to make informed decisions. In her 16-year career she has successfully led projects for government agencies, non-profits, and corporations across a wide variety of industries. Her efforts have improved user’s experiences of mobile apps, Web sites, software, consumer goods and services. Carol manages a team of designers at IBM creating and improving Watson solutions. She is an active UX community organizer and holds a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University. Carol lives in Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys outdoor activities with her family, running, and playing soccer. And we hope that she’s comfortable with us having inserted an Oxford comma there!

Sessions with Carol Smith

Saturday 23 Sep 2017
11:45am – 12:25pm
Carol Smith

Carol Smith