Interstitial Performance

Music: David Jensenius

12:15pm – 12:20pm Sunday 27 Sep 2015Communitech Hub

David Jensenius is a composer who utilizes collage, phonography, and electronics to create sonically challenging listening experiences. David frequently collaborates, he is a member of SPURSE, a research and design collaborative that catalyzes critical issues into collective action, and a founder of the improvisational group Polish Club. Through a playful transformation of conceptual and material systems, David develops problems worth having, engaging across scales and complexities both human and nonhuman. David’s work has been exhibited throughout Canada and internationally. His most recent solo project, FoundSounds, is a mobile app and social network for finding, sharing, and collaging sounds, while his most recent collaboration, with Lauren Burr and Mark Prier, is HATengine, a tool for designing and building augmented reality sound games, sound walks, or locative sound installations.