Interstitial Performance

Music: Adrial Fitzgerald

1:30pm – 1:35pm Sunday 15 Sep 2013

Adrial is affiliated with Burlington’s Tottering Biped Theatre company and is excited and grateful to have been invited to offer some of that company’s work at Fluxible 2013. His earlier work with TBT involved juggling nine characters in Canadian playwright Morris Panych’s surreal existential comedy “The Ends of the Earth”, and his contribution to Fluxible comes from the American playwright Will Eno, dubbed a “Samuel Beckett for the Jon Stewart Generation”. In “Behold the Coach, In a Blazer, Uninsured”, the opening monologue of Will Eno’s “Oh, the Humanity, and Other Good Intentions”, a broken man struggles to cope with the losing record that has plagued his team and his life over the past year. His sensible wardrobe choices offset regret and mortal anxiety, and, after some brave reaching, the world remains terrifying and wonderful, but perhaps we feel it more deeply, and perhaps it becomes less lonely.