2015 Program

In an extension of a beloved tradition, this year’s Fluxible conference was once again concurrent to the Festival of Interstitial Music in time and space, which made for some wonderful juxtapositions. Here is our program of talks and workshops.

Friday September 25, 2015 • PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS

9:30–1:00 pm

Stephen Anderson

Design for Understanding

Stephen Anderson teaches you to design rich, visual interactions. Learn how to encourage people to play with and explore difficult concepts and make sense of potentially confusing information.

Christina Wodtke

Design Thinking for Innovation

Christina Wodtke shows how to design not only a product, but also a business. Get hands-on with techniques to discover hidden insights, rapidly iterate on the business model canvas, and ensure your idea is viable.

1:00 pm
Lunch (not provided)
2:00–5:30 pm

Jeff Gothelf Jim Kalbach

Jazz Performance as a Model for Team Collaboration

Jeff Gothelf and Jim Kalbach (along with some special guests) take us through a hands-on workshop like no other. Listen, learn, and enjoy as they perform jazz standards to demonstrate principles of team collaboration — with plenty of interactivity and practical exercises for all.

Saturday September 26, 2015 • MAIN PROGRAM

7:45 am
Doors open for registration and networking. Baristas on duty! Breakfast not provided, but we’ll feed you for the rest of the day.
8:45 am
Welcome and kickoff
9:00 am

Maria Giudice

Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design

Maria Giudice of Autodesk calls upon us to embrace the Design Executive Officer as a model of our future leader. Learn techniques for becoming a stronger leader in your own organization today.

9:45 am

Lou Rosenfeld

Designing a Better You

Lou Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media guides us on a path to pause, breathe, reflect on where we’ve been, and glimpse where we’re going with our UX careers — and maybe even our lives.

10:30 am
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
11:00 am

Brent Marshall

Creating a Playful Experience

Brent Marshall creates interactive installations that find whimsical ways to connect with people and bring out the magic in technology. Learn how he does it! (15-minute talk)

11:15 am

Steve Portigal

Epic FAIL: Takeaways from the War Stories Project

Steve Portigal reviews mishaps in contextual user research from his War Stories project, identifying patterns revealed by the stories and suggesting lessons that we can take away.

12:15 pm
Lunch (provided)
1:45 pm
Choose one 90-minute session:

Jim Kalbach

Aligning the User Experience with Business Processes

Jim Kalbach shows how the use of systematic, visual representations such as journey maps expose previously unseen opportunities for improvement and for growth.

Christina Wodtke

Story Secrets for Understanding and Communicating

Christina Wodtke explores the variety of roles story can play in the design process such as building empathy for users, sequencing product roadmaps, and pitching a vision to stakeholders.

3:15 pm
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
3:45 pm
Choose one 90-minute session:

Jim Kalbach Janice de Jong Susan Simon Daniels

Three Fates: Weaving Research into a Product’s Destiny

Janice de Jong, Julia Thompson, and Susan Simon Daniels of Blackberry show how to create a plan for weaving research into your product’s destiny and spinning out a meaningful user experience.

Christian Rohrer

UX Strategy and Leadership

Christian Rohrer of Intel Security explores how strategy and leadership are critical topics for UX professionals who wish to improve their team’s influence and impact on the business.

5:30–9:00 pm
Party time! Join us for food, drinks, fun, and a chance to let your hair down.

Sunday September 27, 2015 • MAIN PROGRAM

8:00 am
Doors open for networking. Baristas on duty to help you recover from last night.
8:45 am
Welcome and kickoff
9:00 am

Abby Covert

Time as Material

Abby Covert, author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess, talks about time and how — perhaps more than any other force — it determines if we will succeed or if we will fail.

9:45 am

Guy Colborne

Car Companies are Doomed, So I Started a Car Company

Guy Colborne of Elemental Cars shares his experience in using design thinking, tools, and methodologies — in a way that would never fly in the mainstream auto industry — to create the spectacular RP-1.

10:30 am
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
11:00 am

Kim Goodwin

Designing Culture

Kim Goodwin of PatientsLikeMe shares lessons learned through helping organizations large and small to build their design capabilities and influence their cultures.

11:45 am

Ed Küpfer

Making Meaning Visible: Tall Tales From an NBA Data Visualization Analyst

Ed Küpfer of the Houston Rockets shares insights and examples from his work with the NBA basketball team. (15-minute talk)

12:00 pm

Jennifer Pretti Goodwin

One Projector and Three User Interfaces: A Christie UX Case Study

Jennifer Pretti of Christie shares the challenges, tradeoffs, and triumphs that her UX team encountered while designing for consistency across three user interfaces. (15-minute talk)

12:15 pm
Lunch (provided)
1:15 pm

Stephen Anderson

Sweating the UX Details

Stephen Anderson explores what craftsmanship looks like for (mostly) digital experiences, with numerous examples of products from companies that aren’t just getting it done — but getting it done right.

2:15 pm

Jeff Gothelf

Almost Everything I’ve Learned From 5 Years of Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf of Neo takes us on a tour of… well, of almost everything he’s learned after five years of practising Lean UX in the wild. The title sums this one up nicely!

3:00 pm
Closing remarks
3:15 pm
It’s a wrap!