Fluxible Workshop with Dave Gray

Visual Thinking

9:30am – 1:00pm Friday 22 Sep 2017
Communitech Hub

Tickets no longer available, as this workshop has sold out.

How do you turn your ideas into reality? How do you come up with ideas in the first place? What is the secret to creative thinking? The link between ideas and reality is visualization. Visual thinking isn’t just for artists. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Ralph Waldo Edison, inventors, scientists and innovators have used visualization to imagine, design and create the world as we know it today.

If your ideas can’t be drawn, they can’t be done. Visual thinking is a vital skill for anyone who needs to create new ideas and designs, communicate those ideas to others, and collaborate with others to make them real.

You may think you can’t draw, but you will find that you are wrong about that.

In this workshop, you will learn twelve simple shapes that can be combined to visualize anything you can imagine. You will learn how to determine the best kind of picture to meet nine different, specific communication objectives. You will learn how to tell a visual story. You will learn how to visually construct and represent your ideas, to visually organize and structure them, and make them visually clear and explicit, so you can share them with others.

Words may divide, but pictures unite. If it can’t be drawn, it can’t be done. So start drawing and learn to turn your ideas into reality!

Note that registration for this workshop is independent from Fluxible Conference.

About Dave Gray
Founder at XPLANE
Dave Gray

Our friends at Rosenfeld Media describe Dave Gray as The Godfather of Visual Thinking.

Like his movie counterpart Don Vito Corleone, Dave has been deeply involved in some challenging change initiatives in industry, government, and small business. Astonished at people's ability to miscommunicate and misunderstand one another, Dave spent years developing an arsenal of street-proven techniques for creating alignment. Unlike Don Corleone, Dave's methods require only minor arm twisting, at most. Kneecaps remain untouched.

In 1993, Dave became founding father of XPLANE, the visual thinking company. His team of faithful advisors and expert facilitators help teams worldwide to make better, faster decisions, and work better together to create lasting, sustainable impact.

He has written four books on design, change, and innovation that are staples on the shelves of most UX teams: Liminal Thinking, Gamestorming, The Connected Company, and Selling to the VP of NO. According to rumours, HBO has begun production of an edgy and dramatic movie adaptation of Gamestorming set in post-war New York City.

Stay tuned for details of Dave's session at Fluxible.