Big news! Earlybird tickets are now available for Fluxible Conference, the main event in Canada's UX Festival.

We're trying something different this year with ticket sales, as many of you already know. Back in January, we opened Leap of Faith registration without having announced anything about the program — including speakers. We were delighted that lots of people took the leap and registered, including many new faces. Continuing in this spirit of experimentation, we're rolling out Earlybird Registration in four phases lasting three weeks each, with the price climbing by $50 each time.

Starting today, conference tickets are available for $445. That’s the same low earlybird price as in previous years. Here’s what the whole schedule looks like, with dates on which new ticket prices come into effect:

Monday June 19 — Earlybird Phase One, $445
Monday July 10 — Earlybird Phase Two, $495
Monday July 31 — Earlybird Phase Three, $545
Monday August 21 — Earlybird Phase Four, $595
Monday September 11 — Full price, $645

As you can see, it’s a predictable pattern that rewards buying your tickets sooner rather than later. So register now for the biggest savings and start getting excited about September!

Note that we’ve announced twelve speakers so far, with a few more still to come. Full details about the conference program will be online very soon, including descriptions of the conference talks. We'll announce details about Fluxible Workshops at the same time, which take place on Friday, September 22 and require separate registration from the conference.