Morphing Matter as Both Intelligent Medium and Media

40-minute talk with Lining Yao of Carnegie Mellon University
Lining Yao
22 Sep 2018
2:45 pm
CIGI Auditorium

Morphing Matter as Both Intelligent Medium and Media

Morphing matter has unique behavior: it is fluidic and morphing, and it travels across the boundary of the physical and the digital. For people designing with its physical medium, morphing matter adds a flavor of programmability and responsiveness; for those designing with its digital medium, it adds tangibility and sensational experiences.

Morphing matter is transforming and mutating. It is an evoking design material as it adds spatial and temporal dimensionality. It reacts, adapts, and evolves; soon it will also grow, replicate, and age.

Morphing Matter is ecological. It recapitulates natural organisms, sourcing and reacting to environmental energy stimuli. It demonstrates the reciprocal relationship between the engineered and the grown.

In this talk, Lining presents recent work conducted by Morphing Matter Lab from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, weaved through with threads about the behaviours and techniques of morphing matter.