Creating Effective Discovery Documentation

40-minute talk with Dan Brown
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24 Sep 2016
11:45 am
CIGI Theatre

Creating Effective Discovery Documentation

Discovery, generally defined as the first 20% of a design project, gives your team confidence you’re building the right thing. Through discovery, you uncover requirements, constraints, and insights–everything that informs the design process.

Discovery is more than research and stakeholder interviews: It’s the process your team uses to get aligned and focused. That process yields a discovery document (maybe you call it a design brief or a UX strategy). Whatever you call it, the best discovery documents set the stage for the rest of the project.

What’s the best way to put together a discovery document? In this presentation you’ll find out! Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • The six kinds of outputs from the discovery process
  • Recipes for composing effective discovery deliverables
  • Strategies for determining the right recipe

Is this talk for you? Dan has geared this talk to anyone working on a product or design team who:

  • Participates in some part of discovery
  • Makes decisions about a digital product or web site based on discovery
  • Contributes to or uses discovery documentation