How to Design for Happiness

Morning workshop with Pamela Pavliscak
23 Sep 2016
9:30 am – 1:00 pm
Communitech Hub

How to Design for Happiness

Our understanding of happiness, especially when it comes to technology, is becoming more nuanced. Policy makers, employers, and city designers are learning that happiness creates sustainability. Countries are balancing the GDP with global happiness measures. This session explores what makes people happiest when they use technology, based on the latest research, and how that can impact design.

Here’s what we will do:

  • Learn the principles of designing for happiness
  • Consider measures to underpin a well-being strategy
  • Go through a framework for well-being
  • Happy design sprint!
  • Pivot, consider ways to evoke and amplify happiness
  • Consider a future of rich experience and sustainable engagement

This workshop is sold out.