Curiosity and Complexity

40-minute talk with Behzad Aghaei of Facebook
Behzad Aghaei
23 Sep 2018
9:45 am
CIGI Auditorium

Curiosity and Complexity

Designing complex software surfaces a unique set of challenges: dealing with expertise levels, role diversity, fragmented use cases, and advanced concepts. This becomes especially evident in software that enables information visualization and analysis. In this context, how can we design an elegant experience to tackle these challenges?

One practical technique is to empower users to ask questions of a piece of information: What does it mean? What is it composed of? How does it compare? How has it changed? Simply put, we can target our design towards satisfying an innate aspect of human nature: curiosity.

This talk will demonstrate the above approach by diving into:

  • How users express curiosity in complex information tools
  • Designing a UI that enables users to ask questions of visualized information
  • Design techniques to accommodate for varying levels of user expertise