2014 Program

In an extension of a beloved tradition, this year’s Fluxible conference was once again concurrent to the Festival of Interstitial Music in time and space, which made for some wonderful juxtapositions. Here is our program of talks and workshops.

Saturday September 13, 2014

7:45 am
Doors open for registration and networking.
Baristas on duty! Breakfast not provided, but we’ll feed you for the rest of the day.
8:45 am
Welcome and kickoff
9:00 am

Kelly Goto

Beyond Usable: Mapping Emotion to Experience

Kelly Goto of Goto Media presents underlying emotional indicators that reveal surprising attachments to brands, products, services and devices.

9:45 am

Danielle Malik

Data, Go Home You’re Drunk

Danielle Malik of Facebook takes us on a tour of some complicated relationships between design and data, some where data ruled the day and others where it was asked politely to step aside.

10:30 am
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
11:00 am

Bill DeRouchey

Don’t Have a UX Career

Bill DeRouchey of GE makes a convincing case that you should not have a UX career. Please set aside your torches and pitchforks and hear him out!

12:00 pm

David Jensenius

What Does It Sound Like Here?

David Jensenius explores our relationship and experience with sound and music. (15-minute talk)

12:15 pm
Lunch (provided)
1:15 pm
Rapidfire round: 5-minute talks from each workshop leader
2:00 pm
Choose 1 three-hour workshop:

Dana Chisnell

Deconstructing Delight

Dana Chisnell of UsabilityWorks introduces a nifty framework for thinking about and talking about three levels of happy design.

Giles Colborne

Rediscovering Efficiency

Giles Colborne of cxpartners helps you rediscover techniques for designing interfaces that are highly efficient for users.

Donna Lichaw

Storymapping the User Experience

Donna Lichaw shows how simple storytelling techniques can transform your next product, feature, UI, flow, or strategy from good to great.

Alex Tam

Rapid Ideation

Alex Tam of Practice Fusion demonstrates how rapid ideation can generate new product concepts and get diverse teams to work together.

Leah Buley

Practical Empathy

Indi Young explains how to protect your organization from unexpected risk by understanding customers’ reasoning and guiding principles.

5:30 pm
Party time! Join us at THEMUSEUM for food, drinks, fun, and a chance to let your hair down.

Sunday September 14, 2014

8:00 am
Doors open for networking. Baristas on duty to help you recover from last night.
8:45 am
Welcome and kickoff
9:00 am

Kendra Shimmell

Narcissistic Products Suck

Kendra Shimmell of Cooper warns about the perils of narcissism, which can have unintended effects on your end product — as beautiful as it may be.

9:45 am

Amrita Chandra

Marketing is the New UX Frontier

Amrita Chandra of Shape+Sound describes the forces creating tighter connections between UX, Product, and Marketing in modern organizations.

10:30 am
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
11:00 am

Toby Malone

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us: Dramaturgy, the Theatre, and an Audience Full of Critics

Toby Malone will draw lines between his work in the professional theatre — with a specific emphasis on recent productions at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival — and the UX community, to demonstrate that solving the “here we are now, entertain us” problem can be more elusive than you’d think.

11:45 am

Jill Thomasson Goodwin

UX in (and of) Experiential Education

Jill Tomasson Goodwin of the University of Waterloo shares success stories about UX in a different kind of learning environment. (15-minute talk)

12:00 pm

Amrita Chandra

Using the Thalmic Labs Myo to interact with the world

Brent Bisaillion of Thalmic Labs explores new interaction possibilities inherent in the company’s Myo gestural controller. (15-minute talk)

12:15 pm
Lunch (provided)
1:15 pm

Jared Spool

The Unintuitive Nature of Creating Intuitive Designs

Jared Spool of UIE explores, enlightens, and educates us on the ironically unintuitive nature of creating intuitive designs.

2:00 pm


Fluxible Finale

A short and sweet, yet rich and rowdy celebration of all the goodness we’ve experienced together this weekend. Don’t miss this uniquely Fluxibilian send-off.

2:30 pm
It’s a wrap!