Icons and Images: Optimizing Graphic Usability

Talk with Patrick Hofmann • Saturday 11:00 am

Since creating his first wordless manual in Waterloo in 1993, Patrick has spent his career evaluating and enhancing the usability of images — in everything from technical documentation to digital interfaces. Now at Google Maps, Patrick continues his quest to create meaningful visuals, and constantly asks: how best do we create images so that they are most effective in our information and most useful to our users? Let’s address these questions, become inspired by the possibilities, and even make fun of the situation. There are simple and surprising ways of building user experiences that are visually effective and fluent.

Welcome home, Pman!

Fluxible says: Here’s a speaker with a little local flair, someone who got his start right here in Kitchener-Waterloo but has spent the past 5 years at Google in Sydney, Australia. Patrick Hofmann will be a familiar name to many in our local community, but he’s also made quite a name for himself globally as a talented teacher and keynote speaker. We’re thrilled that Patrick is “coming home” to join us at Fluxible!

From his start as a technical illustrator in Waterloo in 1993 to traveling the world as a visual information designer, Patrick has been labeled the “man of few words”. This vibrant Canadian has helped companies worldwide overcome the usability challenges associated with internationalization and localization — by replacing verbose text with meaningful graphics, pictograms, and icons that work for all users. With an extensive background in both international usability research and iconography, Patrick’s award-winning work and passion for visualization have served him (and probably all of us!) well as a Senior User Experience Designer on Google Maps.

Patrick Hofmann

Patrick Hofmann

Work: Google Maps
Twitter: @phofmann