2012 Program

The Fluxible conference was concurrent to the Festival of Interstitial Music in time and space. Here is our program of talks and workshops.

Saturday, September 22, 2012 • Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

Day 1: Eight inspiring talks & a party

7:30 am
Registration and breakfast (provided)
8:45 am
Fluxible kickoff!
9:00 am

Michal Levin

Designing a Product for an Ecosystem

Michal Levin of Google tells us about how to address the unique challenges behind designing a product for an ecosystem of devices. More…


James Wu

Rethinking Tablet UX

James Wu of Kobo looks at a new take on the tablet interface that places consumers and their content consumption far more centrally in the design process and final product. More…

10:30 am
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
11:00 am

Patrick Hoffman

Icons and Images: Optimizing Graphic Usability

Patrick Hofmann of Google shows us how to create effective and useful images for software, the web, and even print. More…


Karl Fast

Information Overload is an Opportunity

Karl Fast of Kent State explores how deep interaction can help us to cope with information overload. More…

12:30 pm
Lunch (provided)
1:30 pm

Jessica Ivins

What Everyone Needs to Know About Designing for Women

Jessica Ivins reviews the historical landscape and presents helpful guidance — for everyone — on designing for women. More…


Matthew Milan

Creating a 21st-Century Design Studio

Matthew Milan of Normative describes how to create a vibrant physical and cultural environment for interaction design. More…

3:00 pm
Breaktime! Fuel up, caffeinate, mix & mingle.
3:30 pm

Glen Drummond

Getting Imaginary People to Do Real Work for You

Glen Drummond of Quarry Integrated Communications shares case studies of the impact of personas on product design and marketing. More…


Trapper Markelz

10 Super-Magical Innovations in Product Design

Trapper Markelz of MeYou Health serves up a simmering sauce of the latest in behavioral science, attention mechanics, and gamification. More…

5:00 pm
Dinner. On your own, but eat lightly because there’s lots of food at the party.
7:00 pm
Party time at City Hall! Live music, a beernote talk, games, food, and yes… drinks.

Steve Beauchesne

Beernote talk: Designing a brewery

Steve Beauchesne of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company tells us about the role of design in creating his brewery. Talk starts at 7:30pm. More…

Sunday, September 23, 2012 • The Tannery and Communitech Hub

Day 2: Two hands-on workshops & a keynote

8:00 am
Breakfast (provided)
9:00 am
Choose 1 workshop:

Daniel Szuc

Positive Design Impact [FULL!]

Daniel Szuc of Apogee teaches how to think critically about our skills, our teams, our organizations, and our careers. If you want to have a bigger impact as a UX professional, this workshop is for you. More…


Sean Yo

Designing for Accessibility on the Web

Sean Yo mixes presentation and hands-on activity to show how to make any web project accessible, bringing it to a wider audience. More…


James Wu

Designing for Tablets

James Wu of Kobo reveals principles and techniques for building better tablet UIs. Includes ideation, design standards, and user testing. More…


Satish KanwarVerne Ho

Responsive Web Design [FULL!]

Satish Kanwar and Verne Ho of Jet Cooper explore the practice of designing for devices of all shapes & sizes, arming you with the skills to take on any screen. More…

11:00 pm
Lunch (provided)
12:30 pm
Choose 1 workshop:

Matt Nish-LapidusMatthew Milan

Design Foundations [FULL!]

Matt Nish-Lapidus and Matthew Milan of Normative unpack the core concepts and techniques that underpin a strong design practice. More…


Whitney Quesenbery

7 Ways to Make Personas More Effective

Whitney Quesenbery of WQusability demonstrates how to get the most impact from your personas throughout the entire lifecycle of a UX project. More…


Patrick Hoffman

Intuitive Images

Patrick Hofmann of Google shows how to maximize the usability of graphics in your interfaces and information, in this fast-paced workshop. More…

Todd Zaki Warfel

Progressive Prototyping w/HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery [FULL!]

Todd Zaki Warfel of Inflection leads this hands-on, action-packed workshop where you’ll discover how prototyping for the web is easier than you think. More…

2:30 pm
Breaktime! Get recharged for the closing keynote.
2:45 pm

Dan Gärdenfors

Closing Keynote: Inventing the future of public computing surfaces

Dan Gärdenfors of RIM. Dan spends his time inventing, designing, and communicating futuristic user interfaces. He’ll blow our minds with a talk on inventing the future of public computing surfaces. More…

3:30 pm
Fluxible finale and chillaxin’ time.
6:00 pm
Still hanging around? The bar is now closed. Time to take the celebrations offsite.